Oxcart Permits is a revolutionary online permit application system, allowing easy management of the entire permit process for local municipalities and their customers.

About Oxcart Permits

America builds things strong. The bigger and heavier the load, the bigger and heavier the tools needed for the job. The permitting process is a burden for both applicants and local government officials. Much like oxen were once used for heavy hauling, Oxcart Permit Systems has risen up to carry the heavy load of local permitting.

Unlike other permitting software options, Oxcart was built by those who have managed permitting for local government. This revolutionary permit system was built to ease the process. The creators of Oxcart understand it takes street level expertise to make the system work. Our founders aren't sitting in a corporate office - they aren't standing on the sidelines calling plays. They are dressed and in the game, every day, just like you.

Oxcart is trade professionals who understand your time and financial constraints. Oxcart is the trucker who moves iron. Oxcart is the local official who reviews and issues the permits. Oxcart is the police officer who enforces the law.

Whether it is oversize/overweight vehicle permits, right-of-way/utility permits, or any other type of permitting a local jurisdiction needs to manage effectively, Oxcart is the solution.

It’s free. It’s online. It’s simple. And it has only just begun!

Oxcart Permit Systems