Oxcart Permits is a revolutionary online permit application system, allowing easy management of the entire permit process for local municipalities and their customers.

Our Partners

GIS Solutions, Inc

GIS Solutions, Inc provides professional GIS consulting, mapping and routing solutions for both the public and private sector. As the exclusive GIS provider to Oxcart, this partnership is creating new user-friendly technologies to solve demands by the specialized transportation industry, utility companies and local governments.

Check out their website at https://www.gis-solutions.com/

The County Road Association of Michigan

The County Road Association of Michigan is the primary representative for all 83 county road agencies throughout the state. Oxcart is proud to be the association’s contractual partner for online permitting solutions as we work to streamline transportation and right-of-way permitting for their membership.

You can learn more about CRA by visiting their website at https://micountyroads.org/about/

Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association represents the interests of more than 1,400 members worldwide. With the vast majority of their membership focused on specialized transportation of oversize and overweight vehicles, the Oxcart platform provides an efficient tool to obtain local permits. Each year, Oxcart sponsors a specialized carrier for membership in this fantastic organization.

The SC&RA website can be visited by following this link: https://www.scranet.org/

Mid-west Truckers Association

The Mid-west Truckers Association is the advocacy leader for nearly 4,000 trucking companies in fifteen states. In addition to helping shape pro-industry legislation, MTA also provides their members drug and alcohol testing, permit service and risk management solutions.

To read up on the wide variety of services offered by MTA to its members, visit their website at http://www.mid-westtruckers.com/

Illinois Truck Enforcement Association

The Illinois Truck Enforcement Association is the only group of its kind nationwide to represent both the police officers who specialize in truck enforcement and the trucking industry itself. Since its beginning in 2009, the ITEA has worked tirelessly to hold police officers accountable to high standards of enforcement through creative training, while providing advocacy services for trucking companies.

The ITEA website can be located at http://illinoistruckcops.org/

Township Officials of Illinois

The Township Officials of Illinois represents more than 1,400 township governments throughout the State. TOI provides resources, education and advocacy for their local government members, who have a statutory duty to maintain and repair roads under their jurisdiction.

To learn more about TOI, please visit their website at https://www.toi.org/about-us/mission-statement/