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Profitable communities are built on the backbone of America - the trucking industry. Homes, buildings, roads and bridges require big machines and heavy materials which are transported on trucks. Many times these vehicles require permits for size and weight in excess of legal limits.

The problems of local permitting

Traditional truck permitting has been a red-ink job for local government. It’s a slow process involving phone calls, faxing and manual data entry.

Contrary to popular belief, your budget is tight. Your employees are stretched thin. Archaic systems slow down employee productivity which in turn slows down community development. It’s frustrating for you, and it’s frustrating for the trucking customers. Any profit gained from permit fees is spent on employee compensation.

It’s truly an unfunded mandate.

Oxcart Permit Systems provides a revolutionary new way to manage local truck permitting. All you have to provide is one representative to answer an email approving or denying a permit request. Oxcart does everything else. It’s that simple.

Our web-based software has been built by people with career backgrounds in local government, permitting, law enforcement and the carrier industry.

The benefits of Oxcart

  • Oxcart is free to use. No monthly or annual membership costs. Free. Every dollar you received prior to Oxcart you will receive after signing up. Plus you save big money by eliminating costly manpower.
  • Oxcart is custom built. Your account is designed based on your ordinances and fee structures.
  • Oxcart is automated. No faxing. No waiting. No transferring information from one form to another. Integrated form management, document storage and mapping. The truckers will love you.
  • Oxcart is online. No software is required to be downloaded or installed. It’s available wherever there is an internet connection. Dashboards. Account management. Permit approvals. All on the web waiting for you in real time.
  • Oxcart eliminates payment hassle. No invoicing. No bounced checks. No payment processing costs. Oxcart will collect the permit fees and pay you every cent to which you are entitled.

The communities who prove they are business friendly grow exponentially. Oxcart Permit Systems provides a comprehensive, no-cost service to accomplish this task. Why wait to reap the rewards?

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