Oxcart offers a ground-breaking online service that solves the complexities and headaches of local permitting for oversize/overweight vehicles, right-of-way/utility permitting, and more!

For those applying for local permits, Oxcart:

  1. Provides a simple to use online interface for requesting local permits.
  2. Provides paperless permits downloadable to your computer or any mobile device.
  3. Eliminates tedious paper processes, faxing and phone calls.
  4. Speeds the process of permit approvals.
  5. Features an interactive GIS mapping solution to assist in route and location selection.
  6. Provides online permit approvals pushed to your email inbox.
  7. Provides an easy, online payment system.

For those in government, Oxcart:

  1. Eliminates tedious manual paper processes.
  2. Provides an online management interface to review, modify and approve permits.
  3. Eliminates your accounts receivable function for permits. Oxcart automatically pays you the full fee for each approved permit.
  4. Provides a fully online permit application customized to your ordinances and fee structures.
  5. Includes an interactive solution application review, revisions, route/location approvals, inspections, and document management.
  6. Allows you to offer paperless permits downloadable to any mobile device.
  7. Is 100% FREE to government agencies. Contact us today for details.