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The average person has no idea what the volume of regulation and the associated costs saddled on those obtaining local permits. Most legal size and weight trucking companies do not fully understand the additional overhead of heavy haul and specialized transportation!

Oxcart Permit Systems works for you, the applicant

Every city, village, township and county have their own rules, regulations, fees and application procedures to obtain a permit. The price you pay for a permit should preclude you from spending endless hours climbing a phone tree or fruitlessly searching the internet for information.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Local government has created an environment of non-compliance when it comes to permitting. It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Starting now... It isn't

Oxcart Permits provides a simple, intuitive way to purchase fully legal, local permits for oversize/overweight vehicles, right-of-way/utility permits and more through our website.

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Oxcart makes local permitting easy

When you set up your free account with Oxcart, you are helping bring simplicity to local permitting. The day has come for automated technology to replace inefficient human processing.

The Oxcart difference

  • One website to apply for local permits
  • Online processing of permit data
  • Accurate and safe routing and location information
  • Quick return of an approved permit via the internet
  • Easy online payment

Oxcart makes these things happen with a revolutionary way of permit application and management.

  • Our staff consists of experts from local government, permitting, law enforcement and the trucking industry.
  • There are no membership fees.
  • No software to download and install on your computer.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.
  • Wherever you have an internet connection, you can apply for, review status, and access your approved permits.

It can be this easy.

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