Oxcart Permits is a revolutionary online permit application system, allowing easy management of the entire permit process for local municipalities and their customers.

Release Notes

Oxcart Permits - v4.

Copyright (c) 2023 Oxcart Permit Systems, LLC


# Oxcart Permits Release Notes


Oxcart is always on the job for you!

Fixed Refunds issue on Revisions page

Supercharged Application Search performance when sorting

Resolve annoying duplicate email issue

Amazing new vehicle search by applicant feature


Just look at all this amazing new free stuff!

Added Sales Tax support

Application auditing enhancements

Implement Invoice processing in V5 and integrate with V4

Implement payment endpoints in V5 and integrate with V4

Implement Fee calculation in V5 and integrate with V4

Integrate Email functionality with V5 API

New Inspection Center sorting and filtering

Incredible New Inspection options manager

Messaging schema restructure, pixel stream alignment, and supercharger encabulator enhancements

Implement new "Issued" state for paid applications (or approved applications with zero due)

New support for Ala Carte fees

Inspection fee updates

Application submission date/time enhancements

Add Creator property to applications

## Version

Released on **August 22, 2022**

Fix Outstanding inspections table filtering bug

Fix Incorrect Disclaimer/Provision displaying on Permit bug

User confirmation token enhancements

## Version

Released on **May 13, 2022**

Fixed rare GIS duplication issue (inspection and permit pins now showing appropriately)

Update Payment Date when capturing authorization

Fixed effective issue date for auto approve permits

Add applicant memo support to pending applications screen (cool! Memos!)

Add typeahead to vehicles... because "type ahead!"

Fixed odd document detaching issue

Mirror columns on dashboard for pending applications screen

## Version

Released on **April 27, 2022**

Add transaction states

Permit Application Submitted Email update

New user phone formatting

Add Municipality Primary Contact

## Version

Released on **March 01, 2022**

Auto Approve Application enhancements. The Ox keeps working hard for you!

Add Canned Conditions to Route Notification PDF. So many RN improvements!

Allow saving of Definition Field if missing target fields

Fix missing applications from Denied table (we found 'em)

Fix missing action menu items for tables with ~100 applications (we found more of 'em)

Update to receipts design, because cool

## Version

Released on **February 27, 2022**

Resolve out-of-memory exceptions

## Version

Released on **February 18, 2022 **

Read-only Permit fields added to Notification screen

Disable field revisions in certain situations

Fix unset permit numbers

Add ability to filter applicant dashboard applications by memo

## Version

Released on **February 9, 2022 **

Short list... MASSIVE release!

Field modification controls

Resolved annoying skipped permit numbers issue. We like things to be all nice and sequential.

Add Test App Def button from Permit build screen. Like a field filled with Daisies.

Action menu - tie all options to Role Management. Separate functions in action menu.

Show all application definition fields on PDF, because we're transparent that way.

Fix Permit Build cloning (ensure all fields copy)

Add Vehicle Library fields for more Library goodness!

Option to "opt-in" to auto approve email, because we're all into opting-in.

Add refund amounts to statement summary, because accountants be accounting.

## Version

Released on **January 25, 2022 **

Add Payment Date in Interactive Report Center

Fix 400 error during page transitions

Match action button functionality on Approved Permits Page to Dashboard

Allow Applicant and Municipal Revisions with past effective date

Replace "Closed" functionality with custom Permit Status functionality on Dashboard

Update dashboard tables

Email format and domain validation on profile page

Inspection Center filtering, sorting, add map

Inspection Editor updates - Fees in new tab

Permit PDF changes and Redesign

Create DevTool Simple Email Client

Add Inspection Center Audit tab

## Version

Released on **January 6, 2022 **

Notifications per state: as in location, not mental state

Email Message Metadata: delicious metadata for email makes 'em tasty

Add Inspection Report: because reporting is important and one can never have enough reports

Add Permit Archiving: for your later reference

Fix bug with saving Inspections for Permits with multiple maps: this sweet feature now more bug proof

Allow access to inspections if permit or inspection is pending payment: because sometimes you gotta see what's up without swiping

Fixed Audit tab on Inspection Editor: now more audit goodness

Added "Fees" tab and refactored Fee breakdown/Payment/Refund accessibility in Inspection Editor

## Version

Released on **December 9, 2021 **

[1101] ROW - Inspection Print View

[1129] Add timestamp to footer

[1130] Change message title on notes section

[1100] Fix first page single inspection header break

[0070] Applicant Denied Table

[1059] Paged Results structural modifications

[1107] Adjust the name spaces

[1108] Remove and sort usings on files

[0922] Permit Archiving and Inspection Reporting

[0624] Address Line 2 should not be required

[1119] EmailValidator updates

[1116] GIS Integrations improvements

[1094] Initial Inspection improvements

[1068] Security enhancements

[1019] Pull titles from DevOps sprint data

[1095] Inspection center stability enhancements

[1012] Remove the +1 from the FormatPhone extension

[1013] Bug fixes for special conditions

[1090] Add application number to denied application emails

[1115] Email enhancements

[0979] Sync OXC address across pdfs

[1005] Set the address for the Municipal Statements

[1006] Set the address for the Atlas Usage Report

[1081] Improvements to propagation logic

[1083] Add range validation

[1044] Various imaging bug fixes

[1052] Improvements to error handling

[1084] Permit Multiplier enhancements

[1058] Architecture enhancements

[1054] Add application id title to action button on Approved Permits

[1077] Enhancements to applicant and municipal dashboards for pending and approved pages

[0674] Email validation enhancements

[1065] Statements enhancements

[1089] Permit integration enhancements

[1041] Various bug fixes

[1103] Security enhancements

[1017] Enhanced data validation

[0969] Reports enhancements

## Version 4.0.8

 [1014] Adjust the order of the printed pdf permit

 [929] Security enhancements

 [624] Address Line 2 not be required

 [858] Enhancements to application definitions

 [890] Bug fixes for application definitions

 [935] Permit Pdf enhancements

 [26] Cloning enhancements

 [993] Security enhancements

 [967] Enhancements for canned and special conditions on permit pdf

 [909] Security enhancements

 [882] Enhancements to drag drop functions

 [954] Create header section for the print layouts

 [986] Create ft lbs display conversion extension for permit pdf

 [990] Update permit pdf show endpoint to use print plumbing

 [989] Removed deprecated PDF files

 [895] Enhanced caching of select meta data

 [962] Bug fixes

 [911] Enhanced permit PDF generation

 [946] Enhancements to print styles

 [711] Bug fixes

 [712] Add File Upload capability to approval screen

 [34] Municipal Approver enhancements

 [881] Image validation

 [62] ROW - Denials requiring mandatory fields

 [806] Security enhancements

 [896] Integrate next gen municipality statements into monthly generator

 [846] Modifications to default settings

 [859] Enhancements to document file uploads

 [842] Move municipality statement pdf to print layout

 [877] Bug fix for large document uploads

 [863] Security enhancements

 [857] Bug fixes for permit views in specific situations

 [822] Municipal Monthly Statement Adjustments

 [841] Add dynamic memo to municipality monthly statements

 [843] Change address line on Municipal Monthly Statements

 [509] SAM: Application Definition Improvements

 [59] ROW - Second map option in App Def

 [815] Municipality Statement Grouped Up by Module

 [914] PDF enhancements

 [844] Enhanced pdf statement formatting on mobile devices

 [855] Document upload bug fixes

 [865] Bug fix for rare double application submission issue

 [861] File upload enhancements

 [505] SAM: PDF reformatting 

## Version 4.0.7

 [227] Required Receipt Email Address

 [747] PDF enhancements

 [798] Improve municipality statement pdf format

 [511] SAM: Application Definition Improvement 6

 [506] SAM: Application Definition Improvement 1

 [512] SAM: Application Definition Improvement 7

 [508] SAM: Application Definition Improvement 3

 [808] Fix favicon.ico errors

 [526] SAM: Muni Statements

 [634] Remove user information section from applicant signup form

 [796] Municipality Statements bug fixes

 [755] User validation improvements

 [790] Add support for multiple rows in Application Inspector

 [782] Application Inspector Interface enhancements

 [493] Enhancements to date selector  

## Version 4.0.6

 [950] Application enhancements to guest application logic.

 [500] Enhance Payment Screen Navigation Buttons

 [735] Municipal statement enhancements

 [668] Bug fixes for account email signup

 [625] Enhancements to refund process

 [727] Bug fixes for notifications

 [681] Bug fixes for muni users being disconnected from linked accounts

 [714] Bug fixes for Report Center

 [746] Enhancements for municipalities approval overrides

 [744] Enhancements to PDF formatting

 [734] Fix hyperlink in footer not showing maps

 [740] Change formatting of PDF CSS

 [704] SAM: Municipal Notification Changes

 [36] Add view statements option for muni

 [224] Application Submitted Date/Time for Munis

 [503] Enhancements to municipal Notification Messages

 [671] Security enhancements

## Version 4.0.5

 [708] Bug fixes for Application Definitions

 [560] Security enhancements

 [495] Municipal search enhancements

 [466] Enhancements to Canned Conditions editor

 [654] Permit QR Code generator

 [643] Email validation enhancements

 [344] Security enhancements

 [522] SAM: View GIS Route from Dashboard

 [498] File Uploads enhancements

 [21] ROW - Canned conditions not saving

 [587] Doc center enhancements

 [619] Menu enhancements

 [141] Bug fixes for ITAP button not finding permits

 [389] Bug fixes for Time Displaying issues

 [61] Security enhancements

 [460] User role bug fixes

 [240] Atlas Integration

 [527] Dashboard Refunded Label

 [502] Help Text Field Hyperlink

 [592] Payments enhancements

 [603] Security enhancements

 [568] Bug fixes

 [612] Fix height of special conditions

 [602] Move doc center add doc button to upper right

 [4] Add New Canned Condition

 [35] Security enhancements

 [571] Submit for customer button bug fixes

 [3] Refunded label

 [566] Bug fixes for First permit number display for ROW

 [465] Align Manage Users buttons to right side

 [540] SAM: Help Text Field Text Editor

 [489] Canned conditions bug fixes

 [699] Reverse Fee Calculation bug fixes

 [799] Map disclaimer bug fixes

## Version 4.0.4

 [157] Bug fixes for drafts

 [357] Update munic profile to manage settings per module

 [479] Fix edit button for canned conditions in application

 [387] Integrate new GIS back end

 [455] Bug fix for new users additions in certain conditions

 [142] Bug fix for fee amounts not displaying correctly on permit PDF

 [403] Add timestamp to message center list

 [57] Internal Application Notes do not save on Pending Apps (OX2-416)

 [47] Municipality menu loses setting when submitting new App for Customer

 [427] Approved permit data model updates in view

 [447] Bug fix for missing buttons in permits table layout

 [426] Un-Delete user throws error message

 [22] ROW - Payment History enhancements

## Version 4.0.3

 [359] Bug fix error when showing 100 records on Approved Permits page

 [8] Match the Message Icons

 [25] Add sorting arrows to Application # Column on ROW

 [23] Security enhancements

 [364] Browser version detection plus timer during payments

 [405] Navigation bug fixes

 [335] Permit Build Cancel Button

 [361] Add label to report center download

 [342] Unable to save app def bug fixes

 [320] Update doc removal messages

 [66] Dashboard is reset when submitting application for new customer

 [367] Denied Application Table misaligned

 [71] Cancel button return to dashboard bug fixes

 [18] Approved Permits Page enhancements

 [388] Inspection fee options bug fixes for Municipalities

 [56] Bug fix for application returns to home page after updating municipal Pending App

 [37] CSV Export of Statement Summary Page

 [339] Convert Edit and Documents links to buttons

## Version 4.0.2

 [340] Jurisdiction Manger bug fixes

 [341] Action menu items bug fixes

 [79] Adjust dashboard column width

 [299] Statements Dashboard Enhancements

 [218] App Def Field Validation Enhancements

 [217] Duplicate Emails, Skipping Permit Numbers bug fixes

 [163] Applicants unable to remove undesired drafts enhancement

 [259] Fix doc center remove message

 [286] Missing required field indicator on revisions

 [303] Add an export to csv download option for the statements dashboard

 [16] NEW MODULE - Relocation permits

 [200] Atlas Integration addition

 [263] Improve message on duplicate file uploads

 [338] Unable to save an app def on production bug fixes

 [6] Add confirmation when deleting messages

 [162] File upload enhancements

 [166] Inconsistent labeling of Draft/Saved applications bug fix

 [169] Missing municipality attached documents in Applicant doc center

 [262] Applicant revision screen

 [161] Uploaded docs cannot be removed

 [173] Document Center - add column for expiration date

 [165] Applicant missing buttons for Saved Applications

 [158] Doc detachment confirmation shows extraneous period

 [220] Add "Receipts" Email to Applicant Account form

 [118] Security enhancements

 [139] Data validation enhancements

 [135] Missing required field indicator in form for Applicant Users

 [168] Document draft enhancements

 [239] Document already uploaded text

 [225] Include users on main dashboard search

 [151] Duplicate doc issues when detaching from ROW application drafts

 [117] Security enhancements

 [226] Payment enhancements

 [235] Return map not showing

## Version 4.0.1

 [111] Security enhancements

 [105] Add ROW Applicant Dealers Wheel

 [108] Add ROW Notification Email to Applicant Mods

 [100] Bug fixes for Work Notification

 [99] Bug fix for incorrect Work Notification Label

 [97] Work Notification Sequencing

 [103] Display Notification-only field

 [101] Revisions Screen showing Route Notification

 [128] Bug fix for Approval screen not showing map information

 [129] Applicant Work Notification Submittal Header

 [171] Bug fix for "Pending" permits disappearing when they expire

 [148] Revision Fees

 [165] Applicant missing buttons for Saved Applications

 [220] Add "Receipts" Email to Applicant Account form

 [118] Security enhancement

 [135] Missing required field indicator in form for Applicant Users

 [168] Resetting applicant draft does not restore docs

 [154] Invalid effective date appears on new application drafts

 [156] Application drafts remove detached docs on cancel

 [239] Change: Document already uploaded text

 [225] Include users on main dashboard search

 [151] Duplicate doc issues when detaching from ROW application drafts

 [221] RN label issue

 [170] Municipality doc center needs column to show owner

 [235] Return map not showing