Oxcart Permits is a revolutionary online permit application system, allowing easy management of the entire permit process for local municipalities and their customers.

Release Notes

Oxcart Permits - v4.

Copyright (c) 2021 Oxcart Permits, LLC


# Oxcart Permits Release Notes

## Version

Released on **January 6, 2022 **

Notifications per state: as in location, not mental state

Email Message Metadata: delicious metadata for email makes 'em tasty

Add Inspection Report: because reporting is important and one can never have enough reports

Add Permit Archiving: for your later reference

Fix bug with saving Inspections for Permits with multiple maps: this sweet feature now more bug proof

Allow access to inspections if permit or inspection is pending payment: because sometimes you gotta see what's up without swiping

Fixed Audit tab on Inspection Editor: now more audit goodness

Added "Fees" tab and refactored Fee breakdown/Payment/Refund accessibility in Inspection Editor

## Version

Released on **December 9, 2021 **

[1101] ROW - Inspection Print View

[1129] Add timestamp to footer

[1130] Change message title on notes section

[1100] Fix first page single inspection header break

[0070] Applicant Denied Table

[1059] Paged Results structural modifications

[1107] Adjust the name spaces

[1108] Remove and sort usings on files

[0922] Permit Archiving and Inspection Reporting

[0624] Address Line 2 should not be required

[1119] EmailValidator updates

[1116] GIS Integrations improvements

[1094] Initial Inspection improvements

[1068] Security enhancements

[1019] Pull titles from DevOps sprint data

[1095] Inspection center stability enhancements

[1012] Remove the +1 from the FormatPhone extension

[1013] Bug fixes for special conditions

[1090] Add application number to denied application emails

[1115] Email enhancements

[0979] Sync OXC address across pdfs

[1005] Set the address for the Municipal Statements

[1006] Set the address for the Atlas Usage Report

[1081] Improvements to propagation logic

[1083] Add range validation

[1044] Various imaging bug fixes

[1052] Improvements to error handling

[1084] Permit Multiplier enhancements

[1058] Architecture enhancements

[1054] Add application id title to action button on Approved Permits

[1077] Enhancements to applicant and municipal dashboards for pending and approved pages

[0674] Email validation enhancements

[1065] Statements enhancements

[1089] Permit integration enhancements

[1041] Various bug fixes

[1103] Security enhancements

[1017] Enhanced data validation

[0969] Reports enhancements

## Version 4.0.8

 [1014] Adjust the order of the printed pdf permit

 [929] Security enhancements

 [624] Address Line 2 not be required

 [858] Enhancements to application definitions

 [890] Bug fixes for application definitions

 [935] Permit Pdf enhancements

 [26] Cloning enhancements

 [993] Security enhancements

 [967] Enhancements for canned and special conditions on permit pdf

 [909] Security enhancements

 [882] Enhancements to drag drop functions

 [954] Create header section for the print layouts

 [986] Create ft lbs display conversion extension for permit pdf

 [990] Update permit pdf show endpoint to use print plumbing

 [989] Removed deprecated PDF files

 [895] Enhanced caching of select meta data

 [962] Bug fixes

 [911] Enhanced permit PDF generation

 [946] Enhancements to print styles

 [711] Bug fixes

 [712] Add File Upload capability to approval screen

 [34] Municipal Approver enhancements

 [881] Image validation

 [62] ROW - Denials requiring mandatory fields

 [806] Security enhancements

 [896] Integrate next gen municipality statements into monthly generator

 [846] Modifications to default settings

 [859] Enhancements to document file uploads

 [842] Move municipality statement pdf to print layout

 [877] Bug fix for large document uploads

 [863] Security enhancements

 [857] Bug fixes for permit views in specific situations

 [822] Municipal Monthly Statement Adjustments

 [841] Add dynamic memo to municipality monthly statements

 [843] Change address line on Municipal Monthly Statements

 [509] SAM: Application Definition Improvements

 [59] ROW - Second map option in App Def

 [815] Municipality Statement Grouped Up by Module

 [914] PDF enhancements

 [844] Enhanced pdf statement formatting on mobile devices

 [855] Document upload bug fixes

 [865] Bug fix for rare double application submission issue

 [861] File upload enhancements

 [505] SAM: PDF reformatting 

## Version 4.0.7

 [227] Required Receipt Email Address

 [747] PDF enhancements

 [798] Improve municipality statement pdf format

 [511] SAM: Application Definition Improvement 6

 [506] SAM: Application Definition Improvement 1

 [512] SAM: Application Definition Improvement 7

 [508] SAM: Application Definition Improvement 3

 [808] Fix favicon.ico errors

 [526] SAM: Muni Statements

 [634] Remove user information section from applicant signup form

 [796] Municipality Statements bug fixes

 [755] User validation improvements

 [790] Add support for multiple rows in Application Inspector

 [782] Application Inspector Interface enhancements

 [493] Enhancements to date selector  

## Version 4.0.6

 [950] Application enhancements to guest application logic.

 [500] Enhance Payment Screen Navigation Buttons

 [735] Municipal statement enhancements

 [668] Bug fixes for account email signup

 [625] Enhancements to refund process

 [727] Bug fixes for notifications

 [681] Bug fixes for muni users being disconnected from linked accounts

 [714] Bug fixes for Report Center

 [746] Enhancements for municipalities approval overrides

 [744] Enhancements to PDF formatting

 [734] Fix hyperlink in footer not showing maps

 [740] Change formatting of PDF CSS

 [704] SAM: Municipal Notification Changes

 [36] Add view statements option for muni

 [224] Application Submitted Date/Time for Munis

 [503] Enhancements to municipal Notification Messages

 [671] Security enhancements

## Version 4.0.5

 [708] Bug fixes for Application Definitions

 [560] Security enhancements

 [495] Municipal search enhancements

 [466] Enhancements to Canned Conditions editor

 [654] Permit QR Code generator

 [643] Email validation enhancements

 [344] Security enhancements

 [522] SAM: View GIS Route from Dashboard

 [498] File Uploads enhancements

 [21] ROW - Canned conditions not saving

 [587] Doc center enhancements

 [619] Menu enhancements

 [141] Bug fixes for ITAP button not finding permits

 [389] Bug fixes for Time Displaying issues

 [61] Security enhancements

 [460] User role bug fixes

 [240] Atlas Integration

 [527] Dashboard Refunded Label

 [502] Help Text Field Hyperlink

 [592] Payments enhancements

 [603] Security enhancements

 [568] Bug fixes

 [612] Fix height of special conditions

 [602] Move doc center add doc button to upper right

 [4] Add New Canned Condition

 [35] Security enhancements

 [571] Submit for customer button bug fixes

 [3] Refunded label

 [566] Bug fixes for First permit number display for ROW

 [465] Align Manage Users buttons to right side

 [540] SAM: Help Text Field Text Editor

 [489] Canned conditions bug fixes

 [699] Reverse Fee Calculation bug fixes

 [799] Map disclaimer bug fixes

## Version 4.0.4

 [157] Bug fixes for drafts

 [357] Update munic profile to manage settings per module

 [479] Fix edit button for canned conditions in application

 [387] Integrate new GIS back end

 [455] Bug fix for new users additions in certain conditions

 [142] Bug fix for fee amounts not displaying correctly on permit PDF

 [403] Add timestamp to message center list

 [57] Internal Application Notes do not save on Pending Apps (OX2-416)

 [47] Municipality menu loses setting when submitting new App for Customer

 [427] Approved permit data model updates in view

 [447] Bug fix for missing buttons in permits table layout

 [426] Un-Delete user throws error message

 [22] ROW - Payment History enhancements

## Version 4.0.3

 [359] Bug fix error when showing 100 records on Approved Permits page

 [8] Match the Message Icons

 [25] Add sorting arrows to Application # Column on ROW

 [23] Security enhancements

 [364] Browser version detection plus timer during payments

 [405] Navigation bug fixes

 [335] Permit Build Cancel Button

 [361] Add label to report center download

 [342] Unable to save app def bug fixes

 [320] Update doc removal messages

 [66] Dashboard is reset when submitting application for new customer

 [367] Denied Application Table misaligned

 [71] Cancel button return to dashboard bug fixes

 [18] Approved Permits Page enhancements

 [388] Inspection fee options bug fixes for Municipalities

 [56] Bug fix for application returns to home page after updating municipal Pending App

 [37] CSV Export of Statement Summary Page

 [339] Convert Edit and Documents links to buttons

## Version 4.0.2

 [340] Jurisdiction Manger bug fixes

 [341] Action menu items bug fixes

 [79] Adjust dashboard column width

 [299] Statements Dashboard Enhancements

 [218] App Def Field Validation Enhancements

 [217] Duplicate Emails, Skipping Permit Numbers bug fixes

 [163] Applicants unable to remove undesired drafts enhancement

 [259] Fix doc center remove message

 [286] Missing required field indicator on revisions

 [303] Add an export to csv download option for the statements dashboard

 [16] NEW MODULE - Relocation permits

 [200] Atlas Integration addition

 [263] Improve message on duplicate file uploads

 [338] Unable to save an app def on production bug fixes

 [6] Add confirmation when deleting messages

 [162] File upload enhancements

 [166] Inconsistent labeling of Draft/Saved applications bug fix

 [169] Missing municipality attached documents in Applicant doc center

 [262] Applicant revision screen

 [161] Uploaded docs cannot be removed

 [173] Document Center - add column for expiration date

 [165] Applicant missing buttons for Saved Applications

 [158] Doc detachment confirmation shows extraneous period

 [220] Add "Receipts" Email to Applicant Account form

 [118] Security enhancements

 [139] Data validation enhancements

 [135] Missing required field indicator in form for Applicant Users

 [168] Document draft enhancements

 [239] Document already uploaded text

 [225] Include users on main dashboard search

 [151] Duplicate doc issues when detaching from ROW application drafts

 [117] Security enhancements

 [226] Payment enhancements

 [235] Return map not showing

## Version 4.0.1

 [111] Security enhancements

 [105] Add ROW Applicant Dealers Wheel

 [108] Add ROW Notification Email to Applicant Mods

 [100] Bug fixes for Work Notification

 [99] Bug fix for incorrect Work Notification Label

 [97] Work Notification Sequencing

 [103] Display Notification-only field

 [101] Revisions Screen showing Route Notification

 [128] Bug fix for Approval screen not showing map information

 [129] Applicant Work Notification Submittal Header

 [171] Bug fix for "Pending" permits disappearing when they expire

 [148] Revision Fees

 [165] Applicant missing buttons for Saved Applications

 [220] Add "Receipts" Email to Applicant Account form

 [118] Security enhancement

 [135] Missing required field indicator in form for Applicant Users

 [168] Resetting applicant draft does not restore docs

 [154] Invalid effective date appears on new application drafts

 [156] Application drafts remove detached docs on cancel

 [239] Change: Document already uploaded text

 [225] Include users on main dashboard search

 [151] Duplicate doc issues when detaching from ROW application drafts

 [221] RN label issue

 [170] Municipality doc center needs column to show owner

 [235] Return map not showing